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Who are we

MUBYEYI Elevate Ltd is a digital health initiative for youth, young couples, pregnant women, and young mothers. It aims at making health information accessible by applying a comprehensive approach in improving maternal and child wellbeing using technology tools. Umubyeyi elevate is a social enterprise company to empower our beneficiaries and enable them to take the lead to improve and promote the well-being of mothers and children under 5

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Informed and Empowered community, Enabled to reduce the risks of the diseases and promote maternal-child well being

Empowering Rwandan youth, young parents and parents to be with preconceptions, pregnancy , postpartum, ECD and parenting health information through well designed friendly digital approaches, community engagement, tools and vocational training services.



Empowering expectant women, young mothers and prospective parents with maternal and child health to be well informed and enable them to improve their health practices.

We walk the perinatal and the parenting journey with you by providing you all the essential information and vital support to ensure you stay healthy and informed.

We understand that maternal-child health and parenting education combined with support from a trusted source is needed for people to make informed health decisions and positively change their health practices.