Maternal health

Course Duration: 5h

Topics for this course


  • I Introduction
  • II Menstruation and Ovulation
  • III When do you stop birth control (contraceptives) when trying to conceive?
  • IV How do you maintain your health when trying to conceive?


  • I Introduction
  • II Am I pregnant?
  • II Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy;
  • IV Antenatal care
  • V Pregnancy week by week
  • VI Estimated due date calculation
  • VII Beauty
  • VIII Safety
  • IX Labour
  • X Giving birth
  • XI To do list


  • I Introduction
  • II What to expect during the postpartum period
  • III Self care post caesarean birth
  • IV Vaginal birth (including forceps and ventouse)
  • V When can I see a doctor?
  • VI Postpartum complications 
  • VII Breastfeeding
  • Family planning
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