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Helping to improve the well-being of prospective parents and expectant women by sharing trusted health information and vital support.

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We are a digital health startup initiative for prospective parents, expectant women, and young mothers that aspires to be the leading organization that facilitates an increase in knowledge about the parenthood journey promotes maternal and child health in East Africa.

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We provide you all the essential information that you need related to maternal -child health and parenting and allow you to access 21st century learning systems where the learning path provides us with clear and practical ways built on the research.

Education Program

We help you acquire information and skills that will build deep knowledge and receive guidance and advice from experts for it to be transferred and applied into their daily health practices , we also train trainers to make different focal person in the different areas.

TheBe space

We provide a specific safe space for our customers where they meet and safely share their thoughts, experiences and motivation and receive advice and empowerments directly from an expert and support each other. We help connect and allow peer-peer discussions to break the myths and culture norms that interfere with maternal-child health wellbeing.

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Maternal Health

2h 10 mins
200+ Enrolled

Improving the safety of women before pregnancy, during pregnancy, delivery and post partum and reducing mortality for children under 5 is a priority for many countries striving to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Child Health

2h 10 mins
200+ Enrolled

The first 1000 days of life runs from conception up to one’s second birthday. It is therefore imperative that deliberate efforts should be made to give children the chance to grow up in a conducive …


2h 10 mins
200+ Enrolled

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. The family – centered care model is becoming a broadly accepted care concept for infants in ….

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